We challenged groups of students around the country (and beyond!) to make short films about what economics means to them, and to show us a glimpse of university life.

Economics Rocks!

University of Bristol
Reincarnated economist Gus D. Pareto takes us on a whistle-stop tour of Bristol. He asks five characters what economics means to them and the relevance of economics to our everyday lives. With creative use of wigs, shaving foam and costumes, this film presents a humorous and creative take on studying economics at University.
6’21” View online | Download (46.9 MB)

The Hidden Ham

Università di Firenze, Italy
Murder, starvation, shopping and economics lecturing all feature in this subtitled film. A lecturer explaining some odd applications of microeconomics faces a hostile take-over from a student who has bigger issues on his mind.
6’14” View online | Download (66.1 MB)

ED – Economics Dude

University of Edinburgh
Ed has just started at University and already faces difficult decisions such as where to live and how much beer to drink. However, all becomes clearer and life at University becomes all the sweeter once he treats economics as a life skill.
5’12” View online | Download (36.1 MB) |

What If…?

University of Sheffield
This film follows the work decisions made by Danny in two parallel universes. In the first version, he is baffled by economics and comes a cropper. In the alternative world, an economics degree helps him get a pay rise and car, but does he get the girl?
3’40” View online | Download (27.7 MB)

Everyday Economics

School of Oriental and African Studies – under-graduate students
This is a subtle, mostly wordless demonstration of the ubiquity of economics. We follow a student on her way to her first economics lecture, passing many shops, signs and headlines on the way, all of which bear on economic issues.
1’47” View online | Download (17 MB)

We Hit the Streets

School of Oriental and African Studies – postgraduate students
This film uses a “vox pop” style, with a succession of questions presented to students. Would they rather have one million pounds or all the world’s knowledge of economics?
6’01” View online | Download (19.9 MB)

We welcome feedback by email about any aspect of the films.

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