During University, you’ll realise that studying is not just about economics. It’s also about your life experience and learning to adapt to new people, new environments, managing your money and a new way of learning.

University can open doors
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University is often considered a very different experience than school or college. But what can you expect?

After the madness of Freshers week, the reality of a degree will gently become apparent. So if you have any questions on:

have a look at our during your study pages. University is not just about study. Work Experience and Clubs and Societies play an important role in University life.

Are you after a bit of a break? Here are a few Economics flavoured distractions. Personally, the Ghanese Currency video is a favourite.

Professor Rebecca Taylor, Head of Economics at Nottingham Trent University, Dr Peter Smith, a Senior Lecturer at Southampton University and Professor John Sloman, Director of the Economics Network have contributed to this piece.