How You Will Be Taught:

Lectures: these are the most common mode of teaching, offered to every student simultaneously, with little to no room for feedback or questions.

Seminars: these are the 2nd-largest in size, and involve working through questions as a whole or part of a sub-group, and tend to be optional. These may also involve other activities, e.g. debates.

Tutorials: these are the smallest in size, where questions are answered on-the-spot, or answers are discussed from questions released beforehand. Attendance is marked and compulsory. Each group is assigned a tutor that is their first point-of-contact. Tutorials revise lecture material and are generally feedback-intensive.

On a full-time course, you are expected to spend about 40 hours a week. Classes take up about 8 to 12 hours, while the rest is allocated to private study (writing essays, doing research etc..) The more hours you put into working efficiently and smartly, the better you will perform. Universities tend to offer various learning resources to help students facing difficulties, and it’s wise to take advantage of those.

Photo by Kitsu on Flickr