Find out how much you already know about Economics.

1. When you spend ten pounds on petrol, which of these gets the biggest share of that money?

2. Which of the following celebrities did not study economics?

3. How many UK Universities offer economics degree courses?

4. Which of the following topics are economists most likely to discuss?

5. Economics can best be defined as the study of

6. The Bank of England is located in

7. Which of these wise statements was made by famous economist John Maynard Keynes?

8. The Nobel Prize for Economics was first awarded in which year?

9. Which of the following articles has not recently appeared in an economics journal?

10. Look at the following topics:

The environment Poverty Taxation Interest rates Trade
Share prices Efficiency Consumer choice E-commerce Labour markets

Which of these are studied by economists?

You can come back and change your answers if they aren’t right first time.