Economics at university through the eyes of students

Have you ever wondered what studying Economics at university will be like? If yes, then we have some exciting answers for you. Furthermore, it is not in writing. You probably can read a lot about studying Economics in university guides, but we reckon there is no better way to find out than listen to what students themselves have to say.

We have asked Eoghan, an undergraduate at the University of Bristol, to interview students about their experiences since coming to the university to study Economics. The videos he produced give great insights into the lives of typical Economics undergraduates. Hopefully, they will help you the final decision to apply for Economics at university.


3 Responses to “Economics at university through the eyes of students”

  1. Rob Says:

    A most interesting subject and one that can be applied in so many work situations.

    If i were starting out again i’d definately enroll in economics.

    Good luck to all the new students

  2. tinyiko masinge Says:

    Economics is an awesome subject, because it teach us about our daily experience.And how our economy is been operated.Is a great thing to be a university student studying economics, as there a lot of job opportunities for this module.

  3. Lihle Says:

    We live in a world that revolves around economics and basically economics rules the world. without economics, certain things such as trade and investment would be non-existent and countries would not be able to develop. it is important to study economics in university because regardless of what field of study you branch out into, there is an economic element that exists in it. A brief example of this would be for instance an engineer constructing a building in a certain area would require you to do research on the viability of the building as well as whether it is demanded in that area. This is an element of supply and demand.

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