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LSE SU essay competition

Friday, May 12th, 2017 by econ-network

The Economics Society of the London School of Economics and Political Science’s Student Union (LSE SU) has announced an essay competition that is open to sixth-form students in the UK and beyond. Write no more than 2,000 words on one of the listed questions, and you can win Amazon vouchers of up to £125, and the top three entries will be published by the Society in their journal Rationale.

The questions for this year are:

  1. Can Economics tell us anything about how we can try to prevent war?
  2. Imagine that in front of you is a Big Red button. If you press the button, everyone in the world would have their wealth magically equalised. Would you press the button? Explain the economic reasoning behind your decision
  3. Discuss the effect of the rise of ad blocker software on the Internet – is it a blessing or a curse?
  4. ‘Free trade is a necessary evil’. How far do you agree?
  5. ‘On a societal level, University Education is inefficient – for most people, it hardly makes them better at their future jobs, but it comes at a huge opportunity cost because students miss out from entering a career earlier. Most people who go to university only do so because they’d be left behind in the job market if they didn’t go and everyone else did’. With reference to this argument, should the government drastically limit the number of university places available?

The deadline is on 1st August 2017. Follow the above link for more details, and good luck!