Why Does College Cost So Much?

This is a very interesting article on education in America from the NY Times. It questions whether access to higher education can be solved on a meritocratic basis. Perhaps, we could draw analogies with what is happening in the UK.


4 Responses to “Why Does College Cost So Much?”

  1. cctv Says:

    It seems inevitable that education costs will rise in the west in the short term.

    In the future as lower wage countries such as China and India begin to compete in the global education market, there will be less demand for western institutions, and fees should drop accordingly.

  2. Annuity Says:

    I agree with CCTV, in fact we have already seen this as the number of applications in the UK has dropped this year for the first time is ages due to the fact that fees have jumped to £9,000.

    Hopefully one good to come of this is that the standard of University education will rise as institutions are made to be more competitive.

  3. nick Says:

    college costs are in the rise , I hope the government intervenes

  4. Annuity Rates UK Says:

    College is definitely expensive since it is also a form of investment for the future. And like commodities, the prices go up each year. Hopefully our government will be able to find a way to lessen the burden on parents as well as the students themselves.

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