The effects and causes of rising food prices

With food prices very much in the news, and price rises causing unrest in vulnerable countries, provides a couple of interactive guides: “The Global Food Crisis” gives an overview in the form of clickable maps, and “Why are food prices rising?” explains some of the contributing factors with video clips.

3 Responses to “The effects and causes of rising food prices”

  1. Sipho Says:

    A very insightful peace of writing on possible causes and effects of rising food prices and their effects.However questions may be posed on wether government taxes imposed on goods to control rising inflation have any effect on food prices in a short run.Yes we know in a long run prices are calmed down to normal.Furthermore,what economics approach can be used to answer such deviations?.Going back to the blog,relevant information has been provided to meet the topic.Good work!

  2. Denel Says:

    Can strikes be a possible reason for the rise in food prices? If so, why do strikes lead to higher food prices?

  3. Peet Says:

    Yes strikes can certainly be a reason for food prices rising. The reason for this is when workers strike for higher salaries there is a decrease in productivity this forces employers to raise the salaries, workers need to work overtime to make up for lost time or employers need to train new employees to do the job, either way there will be extra cost and these costs lead to an increase in food prices to fund the extra costs.

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