Our friends at the GES offer several students each year opportunities to work as an assistant economist. One student we know reflects on his experience.

“As a joint honours student, I have discovered that one of the clearest benefits in studying economics alongside my other chosen subject (politics) has been that, for the most part, the material taught by each school has been based on very different political foundations. The economics classes therefore offered perspectives, which contrasted with many of the ideas presented in my politics classes. As a result of this I have been able to apply more sophisticated critical analysis in assignments and draw on material that I learnt in each subject to achieve higher overall university grades. Moreover, I now fully appreciate how a solid understanding of economics is vital in order to properly understand politics.

During the third year of my course I was presented with the opportunity to work for the Government Economic service as an intern at the treasury in London. This prestigious placement was a priceless experience and is only offered only to students who had studied at least 50% of their undergraduate degree in economics. With this internship I developed various work related skills, contributed to writing reports for the Prime Minister, developed proficient IT Skills and on a few occasions represented the treasury abroad in Brussels. Working in London also revealed to me the opportunities available for economics graduates with financial companies the private sector. Whilst I have chosen not to personally peruse a career in the financial services, it is undoubtedly elevating to know that if I wanted to I could with a few years hard work earn a enormous salary as an investment banker.”

Thank you to Gareth Ross Brown who was studying a Joint BA. Economics & International Studies.