Warwick Economics Summit 2011

Finance and Stability talk by Andy Haldane

Warwick Economics Summit is an annual event organised entirely by students from Warwick University. The three-day event sees students from across the world come together to exchange ideas and listen to some of the most prominent modern economists talking about current economic problems in the world. This year’s summit has been attended by students from as far as USA, Brazil and Slovenia.

On behalf of the Economics Network, I attended the event on the second day to promote our Student Challenge as well as the two websites I am working on. Needless to say, I was very impressed with the quality of the student team that organised the event (despite some initial hiccups with booking tickets). Everyone was very friendly and helpful, and I instantly felt welcomed. It was clear that everyone put in lots of effort to make the summit a success.

I decided to go to few talks myself. Perhaps, the most interesting for me was the talk given by Nick Leeson – a former derivatives broker who went to prison for his fraudulent activities (his autobiography was made into a film starring Ewan McGregor). After that I went to one of the many seminars, which I easily signed up for using the form on their website.

Unfortunately, being a busy student meant I could not attend all other exciting events organised by the summit team, which included several networking sessions with sponsors and the amazing Masquerade Ball. Nevertheless, the summit left a big impression on me.

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