Demand and Supply

Ever wondered why demand and supply are so important? Wonder no more …

6 Responses to “Demand and Supply”

  1. Jean Summers Says:

    lol! The presentation looks funny but holds truth about the characteristic of demand and supply.


  2. Ruan Says:

    Oh okay thank you. Then supply will be a schedule showing the amounts of a good or services that sellers will offer at various prices during some period?

  3. Ilané Briedenhann Says:

    Yes that is correct. The supply curve is an illustration of the supply at each given price and quantity.

  4. Sharne Says:

    How will an increase in food prices effect the demand and supply curves?

  5. Stephan Says:

    An increase in food prices will decrease the demand curve, because consumers will purchase less. An arise in food prices will increase the supply curve because producers will produce more because they earn more with the increase in prices.

  6. Sheree Says:

    Inflation causes demand to decrease because if your income stays the same and prices increase you are forced to buy less with the same income due to the higher prices

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