Is economics useless?

Is economics useless?

So given all the recent ‘mess’ in world economy what value does ‘modern’ economics have to offer us?  Well it depends on who you ask. Here Stephanie Flanders offers some news and views on whether economics is a ‘busted flush’.

For those of you who don’t/cant be bothered to read the whole thing her argument in a paragraph

‘So, all in all, not an edifying list of complaints. But does that mean economics is a busted flush? I’m afraid not, because even if you think economics got a lot of this stuff wrong, you’d be hard-pressed to understand – or to fix – what’s happening in the global economy today without it. ‘

Maybe it’s not such a good time to be an economist. But it’s one helluva time to study economics.

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  1. Air cargo Says:

    I was doing bachelors in Economics and due to some of my past documents I unfortunately couldn’t complete it. BUT economics is one of the best degree all around, its highly paid and if u r gifted with extra skills and knowledge and have good ability of the application of different tasks accordingly, then I believe Major in economics is something really worth

  2. San-Mari Buys Says:

    I am sure that economics is not a busted flush. You hear about economic problems on the TV, in the newspapers and over the radio. You see it, You live it and you breath it. To study Economics is a really good idea, but it is not the end of the world if you take it as subjects until your bachelors degree or even your 3rd year (it is not the alpha and omega to study it) but if you want to be successful one day in your field of study you need to have the necessary background about economics and what it means when they use that economic terms for example…’the GDP has grown with 1%’. You need to understand macroeconomics and microeconomics in order to be better in your work than your pierce and colleagues.

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