How expensive is true love?

Priceless? Free? Surely it differs on what you buy your true love? And why would you try to put a price on it?

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The 12 days of Christmas, a popular Christmas song, begins with the line ‘On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me’. An American investment group PNC Wealth Management compile a Christmas Price Index (CPI) every year. Taking the meaning of the song quite literally they calculate the cost of true love.

Rather shockingly, in 2008, the cost of buying ‘seven swans-a-swimming’ rose by 33.33% and will now set your true love back $5600. This has been put down to their scarcity. However, the cost of nine ladies dancing remained the same from the previous year at $4759.19.

According to PNC, buying all 364 items will cost you true love $86608. But then you have to think of what to do with 12 partridges in pear trees!

2 Responses to “How expensive is true love?”

  1. Gill Says:

    I would like to see someone buy swans! On a serious note though, if true love is your thing then priceless is good in that it only comes around once therefore spending any amount on it will only leave a good feeling, but perhaps empty pocket.

  2. Khuthadzo Sadiki Says:

    I do not really get where this is going but in my own view i think what you have to buy your partner does not matter. What matters is how the two see each other. If your partner will be around for what you have and not what you are then i can say that is were the the issue of love being expensive comes from. Tue love may mean a whole lot of something depending on how the partners view things, other wise it must not be so but the little one can afford to give to the other then that means its really a true love. Looking at your pocket first says a lot , if u can afford to buy really expensive things then its good but otherwise its good to be simple.

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